Tuesday night MTB

Same place, same time, but some new faces this week. Gary and Tsunami are semi-regulars and they showed up alongside Pete Gilbert from CC. Andrea and Chad Storck (aka Chandrea) are some fine Asheville folk who have recently finished tax season and we get to hang with them again!

Fuckin' Gary (aka Moustache Gary) is fuckin' tough

Jim Morrison (aka The Tick), not so tough

After this pic was taken our stupid camera died. That thing is a piece of shit. Eric, you win, we need a new point and shoot digi. We headed out of Rice Pinnacle onto Wolf Branch and quickly realized that Chad is not a bike mechanic. Apparently new chains require new chain rings, and him and Andrea only had new chains. Chad was completely without his middle ring and Andrea was without some of her gears, so instead of heading up Ingles Field Gap we turned onto the gravel and headed to do some lower trails. After doing Explorer Loop, Pinetree, and Deerfield we came to Hardtimes parking area where Chad announced "I'm sick of this fucking shit. This is a bullshit set up" and we headed back to the cars. It was an entertaining ride with lots of clickety clacketies coming from the Storcks, but all in all great fun that last for under 1.5 hrs.

The Storcks after dominating some Taco Salad at Papas & Beer. Next time you see Andrea ask her about "one trick dogs" and "killing a bird with two stones". While you're at it ask Jim about being a "one trick pony" and Chad about picking up girls that wet the bed.


dwight yoakam said...

how many bikes does JM own? fuck. i want a stable of sweet ass bikes to randomly choose from. does he want to sponsor me?

KB said...

he has 10. stupid. 2 bedroom apt - 1 bedroom, 1 bike room.