Spring break = Spring Training (Day 5)

Ride: road
Miles: 40.4
Time: 3:11:09
Roadkill documented: 2
Location: Elk Mtn Scenic Hwy, Blue Ridge Pkwy
"Training": 5.5 mi climb at 6-10% grade, no scooter support
Soundtrack: Mates of State, Tegan & Sara, The Wrens, White Stripes, Wham, Explosions in the Sky

I took some lovely lomographic photographs for your viewing pleasure, but GD if I didn't successfully kill the lomo on my last trip to Cola! What, I only dropped it 3 times! That's why photographic equipment and drinking don't go hand in hand. I took soooo many shots today and to my dismay the roll came back almost entirely blank, except for the images taken before the final fall. Maybe it's not really dead, maybe it just quit advancing the film. It's under investigation. Here's what images you are missing out on:

1) unidentifiable roadkill
2) 2 self portraits in those circular driveway mirrors
3) pain and suffering
4) beautiful landscapes from elk mtn and the parkway
5) freshly killed wild turkey with blood splattered on his giblet
6) crazy cyclist woman (not me!) picking some of the above mentioned turkey's feathers! no joke.

So Kyle, there weren't many action shots so i guess you aren't missing much. I'm glad I didn't attempt the shot I really wanted going 40 mph down the BRP cause then I probably wouldn't be writing this and even if I was still alive there'd be no proof because either the lomo would have been swept out of my hands or it would come out blank. Damn.

Today's ride pretty much dominated me. Elk Mtn Scenic Highway was harder and longer for me than the 151 ride up here that I was scared of for awhile. I conquered that and felt it was time to move on to bigger and stupider. The second half of the 5 1/2 mile climb got steep and I was feeling bad, but by the time I got to the top and rolled down to the Parkway I thought I'd be ok. The problem is, that was less than halfway home. The parkway didn't present very challenging climbs, but it was consistently rolling for the next 20 miles. The worst part was getting on 151 to head home - is it because I knew I was on the home stretch or because I was at capacity? Maybe both. All I'm saying is that after 40 mountain miles I was DONE. I might be rethinking the metric century at Tour de Cashiers. I'm pretty sure I'll end up in the SAG vehicle. I'll just do the 25 mile and the rest of you can let me know how the metric (or century, for JM) turns out! I don't want to hear any lip on this one.

Good luck to Kenny and Will at Harbison's MTB State Championship race on Sunday! Joshie and I will be cheering Kyle on in Charleston at the State Championship crit on Sunday.


dwight yoakam said...

WHAM! wow, that a random choice on the playlist. but i also had a buddy who did a full 12 hours of back country skiing with only whitney houston on his iPod.

nice to hear you're getting after it, KB! long mtn rides are good for you . . . thats all we have 'round these parts. you'll get strong (you are strong).

no worries on the cashiers ride. do the metric, the 25 is way too short. you can handle it, its just a bike ride. fuck it, do the century. we're (the B and i) doing a century next weekend!

Spankye said...

yeah, a HIPPY century!