It's about that time

Wednesday Cross Worlds should be starting up any time now here in Boulder and I am pumped! Who cares if I'm the slowest kid out there... I'm just excited to get back to cross...
I have a pretty full schedule planned out. Just about every Sat and Sun from September to December. Check it. This year ill be mixing it up on my Spooky Supertouch. I'm stoked!
(also nervous as shit, CO kids are FAST!)

Not Quite Colorado

... but it's new and interesting to me! The 2011 Reba XX on the former rigid Kona...

A quick trip to Yeti & Apex Trails

Today I decided to head down to Golden to pop my head in at Yeti Cycles and do a little riding at Apex Park. Ms. Sarah Rawley was kind enough to take a few minutes out of her busy day to show me around and drop some knowledge on Yeti and it products. Although I only snapped a few pics, they will not do this place justice. It is almost a museum/graveyard of Yeti's past. From what I happened to see there were tandems, road bikes, tons of old Arcs, tons of retired pros race bikes, a bunch of awesome stuff hanging around everywhere you could look. I also got to get up close and person with the new Big Top 29er. Ross Milan (current 4cross national champ) strolled the halls as Sarah showed me around. Although my visit was brief, they definitely have an awesome set up going there.

recognize that name? hes a pretty big deal

So after my visit I decided to go for a quick ride @ Apex park since it was right around the corner from the Yeti shop. These trails definitely got the best of me. I need gears or need to get super strong super quick! Pretty gnarly and technical stuff, lots of rock gardens, switchbacks with diagonal wood going across and plenty of water bars, some big rock drops, it also has some pretty intense climbs (1000' in about 1.2 miles). It seemed pretty straight up then straight down. I took a pretty nice spill coming down Pick' N Sledge (I think it was), scrapped up my forearms pretty good and put a baseball sized hole in a pair of bibs which I was pretty bummed about.

apparently a new rule they just put into place this year. One way for bikes on odd days. Pretty weird I have to say...

McNasty out.

more CO action

So after slicing my finger open prepping the Misfit for its inaugural CO ride, I decided to take the weekend off from riding and let it heal up a bit before hitting the trails. I decided to explore the park across the street from me. Turns out there is a pretty good set of hiking trail built in to the park, so I explored.

After healing up a bit I decided to check out Heil Valley Ranch Trails.Check it out here: Heil Valley
Ended up doing: up Wapiti, left on Ponderosa to the Overlook, left on Wild Turkey down to Picture Rock, left down Picture Rock to the Lyons parking lot, turn around, back up Picture Rock, left Wild Turkey, left Ponderosa then a final left back down Wapiti.
A painful but awesome 3+ hours.
Check out this vid coming down Wapiti by Gregory Keller aka Mud & Cowbells
Also thanks to B.P.P.P for the 22t, it was much needed.

You ever fried chicken???

That's the totally random conversation I just had at my favorite local Mexican joint, Papa's and Beer. The cordial gentleman next to me asked me this since he saw me reading about it. One too many Heineken's there broham.

Speaking of Papa's, it's been a couple of weeks since I've had it, and while on vacation out west nothing came close.

Except maybe this...

-- Post From This Hoff's iPhone

Westward Crossing

A quick photo dump or panorama dump of some sights from the drive across and in CO...
Downtown St.Louis (as viewed from the top of the Gateway Arch)
The Mississippi from the Arch
Red Rock Amphitheater
the view from William Frederick Cody aka Buffalo Bill's grave site.Estes Park (view from the top of the Estes Park Aerial Tramway)Coors Field Home of the Colorado Rockies ($12 tickets & $6 beers)
Rocky Mountain State ParkGarmin does a lot of good through R.M.S.P.

Trail Ridge Road

Your reward at the top.

I dropped off the old man at Denver airport this a.m. and immediately went for a much anticipated ride. Didn't want to do anything crazy with it being my first ride up here at altitude. Ended up doing a little over 30 miles and a little over 3000 ft climbing. Let me tell you the altitude kicks you in the ass. I felt pretty crappy the first hour (pretty good headache and nausea) but I think I began to adjust. I would have to say the riding out here is pretty spectacular. Pretty fucking RAD out here so far!

Peace out Cola!

One last Burrito ride and lake w.e. for the McNasty before heading out west. It was definitely a weekend to remember.
one last jargarita... or maybe two...
yummmm. Caution! Remember to breathe.I love my John Deer hat. Yes I am from South Carolina.

Miss you guys already!
Kisses, McNasty

stay tuned for updates from out west.

Great googaly moogaly we made it!!!

1900 miles and 29 hours in 2 days. Welcome to Grand Junction, Colorado and the mountain bike capital of the world. We are hanging at the Affordable Inn (really) and trying to get places in the next day or two.

We're just waiting for the moving truck to get here next week with my mountain bike shoes... and for you people to come out and ride too.