I love Tsali. I don't care that I live in Asheville and I'm supposed to love Pisgah with it's technical bullshit and gnarly downhills - I don't. I love Tsali with it's minimal climbing and gradual downhills. We actually never come out to Tsali except for the once a year that we race 12 hrs of Tsali in the spring, but I happen to be staying in Cullowhee this week for a workshop and it's 45 mins to Tsali from here, which is 45 mins closer than going from Asheville. So yesterday during my early afternoon 3 hour reflection period, I raced on over to ride Thomson loop for 7 miles and headed back. It was a perfect day and was a super fun, low key ride by myself. Only stopped for a few cheesy/scenic/fall pics, but thought I'd do a quick post since Kyle keeps yelling at everyone to post more.


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Xilinx CX

Boulder Racing Cross race @ Xilinx went off pretty much exactly how last weeks race went. I had a good start, this time trying to hold back a bit so I wouldn't blow up like I did the week previous.
Unfortunately my plan did not go to... well plan. I once again kept moving back, finding my legs just couldn't answer my commands. My back was completely wasted by lap two, which after thinking about it means I should probably not be riding a -10 Thomson Elite stem. Yea I know, duh! I'm switching it up this week.

On a more lighter note:
Team Pegasus spotting in the women's 4s. What?!

Also many of you may have read Kenny's stories from Charm City. He told of drug laced Twizzlers hand ups.
Well here on the Front Range, we do Bacon! Bacon, Whiskey, Beer and Cross, That's what Boulder does!!
To quote the man in charge of said hand ups,
"Gluten free, dairy free, meat free bacon!"
For those of you that know what Boulderites are like, you understand the humor here.

So now I'm debating taking this weekend off, reassessing what the F may be going on with my cross legs. Stay tuned.

Eric vs Bent Creek

On a spirited closure to the Thursday night social ride, Eric dropped joshie and shortly after a rhododendron dropped Eric. 13 stitches - 7 in his upper lip, 6 on his chin.

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CX Race Report #1 Valmont

The course at Valmont Bike Park is like no other cross course you could think of. It has a mix of dirt road, single track, berm filled downhills,
a monster sand pit,the Belgian Stairs, and the leg killing 5280 run up.As for my race, lets just say things just did not go as planned. My start was great, settling into 4th after the first half lap going into the 5280. I thought all was good, just sit in hang with the boys at the front, try and make a move if someone bobbled or I could tell they were suffering. That strategy quickly went out the window. I was the one who kept making mistakes and paying for them. Although I had ridden the sand pit every time during warm ups I couldn't make it cleanly across and it cost me a good 2-3 spots each time. About half way in I hit the wall, BIG TIME. The legs locked up and said, "sorry sucka we're out this piece!" and I kept falling back. I ended the day in 17th. Not at all where I had hoped to be. Hopefully I'm blaming it on the 1st race jitters. Lets hope I'm right.
This weekend race will be a Xilinx, a course that if I remember correctly should be less of the up down style at Valmont. Hopefully my form will show its reluctant fat ass face.

A Piece of Hoff History

Who wants a piece of Hoffenchard history? After a summer of debate and riding in the CO Rockies. I have decided its finally time for the leap to a geared mtb bike. Parting ways with this gem will be no easy feat. Its been ridden to the historic 12hr of Tsali Hoff podium sweep, passed down to me from the "godfather" of Hoff and much like all my bikes become an extension of me...ha! If anyone is interested shoot me an email @ teamhoffenchard@gmail.com

In other news, today is the first ever cross race at
I'm pretty pumped that cross is finally getting underway.