Madison Co Road Ride

Best cookie EVER! Get familiar with Zuma Gold cookies.

Oh and we rode bikes too.... rode out to Marshall, busting ass, trading 3 min pulls at 22mph+ the whole 60ish mile ride.

Ring of Fire #1

I was coerced into a road racing endeavor the likes of which i had never experienced before this evening. The Ring of Fire is a local, bi-weekly, crit that is raced around the Mellowdrome here in Asheville. Racing on pavement scares me but i decided to do it anyway with teammate and crit master Joshie.

Here, Josh and I are intimidating our opponents, who in turn are trying to intimadate us. Of course nothing is more intimidating than a dirty cross bike (w/cross gearing) and 3 year old tattered gloves.

You can barely see me trying to hang on to the not so big man's wheel.

"Working" for my teammate. In my head I was going to ride the field off my wheel (except joshie) and then he would unleash his legendary sprint to claim a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card. In reality I just pulled the field around the track and then got dropped.

6 year old kid on the left with gearing lower than mine yet he finished ahead of me. He didn't make for very good drafting.

Hoffenchard member Jay raced the masters and the B race. He also tried to win that Buffalo Wild Wings card...

But gets nipped at the line. No wings for us tonight.

He still finished strong and with the look of what Buffalo Wild Wings feels like the next morning to boot.

My buddy Drew from I-9 and co-worker Eric W in the B and A race respectively.

Delicious tacos trackside from the Pink Taco food truck.


Saw this while visiting a high school this weekend.

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Kylie made it

Kyle rolled into town yesterday afternoon and after a quick dump of his belongings into various houses, we made it out for a casual stroll through Bent Creek. We plan on popping his man cherry this weekend with some Pisgah goodness.

Hoffenchard east is expanding.

This man is driving through Kansas right now en route to Asheville. Scary...

Spoiled plans

What was going to be a great 50 mile dirt/road ride turned into a short get me the fuck home now jaunt. Snow, 30mph winds, and mid 30 temps, as well as a "parkway closed" sign was all I needed to head back to a warm couch.

Looking toward Mt Pisgah at the snow starting to come down. By the time I snapped the second pic it was completely snowed in.

Mosaic Cycles: The road to NAHBS

Day 6: The goal for the day was actually see other people bikes. Saturday I spent most of, scratch that, all of the day in the Mosaic booth so I made it a goal to spend some time walking around the show. There was way to much incredible bikes to post but look for an album coming soon. I did want to post two of my favorite smaller items.

Mosaic Cycles: Road to NAHBS

Day 5: Time to showcase some bikes. The show was busy, I mean a constant flow of people to talk to. NAHBS is always an awesome simply because it of the pure passion of everything bicycle. People who display and attend NAHBS ride bikes, read about bikes and generally love bikes. It's a great show and reminds me why I love riding these two wheeled machines. Not to mention I got to get me hands in new Seam RED, so sick!

Trapped At The Beach

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Mosaic Cycles: the road to NAHBS

Day 4: the sun finally showed its reluctant face. Ms. Mosaic, aka Liz and I were able to ride SF, the Golden Gate Bridge up into Marin Highlands and down into Salsalitto. The bay area is pretty rad.

Mosaic Cycles: the road to NAHBS

Day 3: once again pissing rain and windy in the bay area so once again no morning ride. Heading back to Sacramento I remembered that Jelly Belly was close by so we decided to make a pit stop. Pretty interesting things go into making a jelly bean. After our tour it was time for booth set up which I was somewhat surprised how many easy it went. NAHBS 2012 should proves some pretty cool shit. Stay tuned sports fans. Tomorrow I take Ms. Mosaic on a tour of Marin county CA and hopefully a trip across the Golden Gate bridge (weather allowing, fingers crossed).

Breck Epic Design Contest! Help a brother out!

Calling all Hoffs! Help a Hoff win the Breck Epic SSSRWC kit design contest. Go to the link below and "LIKE" my design. It would be freaking awesome of you, so do it!

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