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Blue Ridge Parkway Tour

Riding the Blue Ridge Parkway was an amazing experience. The views are incredible and constant and the ride was both epically challenging and rewarding. This will definitely not be my last bike tour. There really isn't too many things better than riding your bike all day. 


4 days, 3 nights
pre weigh in : 172.2lbs
post weigh in: 162.2lbs

day 1 - Asheville, NC - Linville Falls, NC (including Mt. Mitchell
7:40:19 ride time
avg mph: 12.08
max mph: 40.50

Day 2 - Linville Falls, NC - Laurel Spring, NC (Parkway detour from mile 250 - 215 for construction)
5:41:55 ride time
avg mph: 13.00
max mph: 40.12

Day 3 - Laurel Springs, NC - Roanoke, VA
9:22:25 ride time
avg mph: 14.74
max mph: 43.30

Day 4 - Roanoke, VA - Forest, VA (1hr+ gravel)
4:54:33 ride time
avg mph: 13.17
max mph: 43.74

Thanks to everyone who lent me gear, ordered thing for me,  gave me advise and helped me out in any way.
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This is how we do it

It's Friday night..,designated driver take the keys to my truck...sorry, a little Montel Jordan flashback. Anyhoo, just rolled from the Asheville tourist game to Asheville pizza for drinks.