spring training camp

well, last weekend kicked off the riding season for myself and the B.

saturday found me aboard the road bike with the crazy costa rican, roy, heading away from the lake over Luther Pass.  we did a bit of climbing, 2 mtn passes and 55 miles.  not too shabby for the first ride of the year.

the following day, sunday, i convinced the B to join a group who was headed out around the lake.  the ride looks something like this 75 mile loop on mtn roads:

anywhos, i got some photos from the outing:

roy (crazy costa rican), stacy (aka - steak) and the B - getting their game on

steak and the lake

the B and roy climbing over Emerald Bay

hey KB, notice the B's upgrade to clipless pedals!

roy refuels on chocolate cake

absolute tandimonium.  they're f'ing fast, but its a great wheel to catch

water bottles, the B and my nuts

your truly, probably complaining about something

you guys are missing out.  and yeah, the water is really that clear.

team hoff represent.

then this weekend came with even better weather.  and while i did rock climb friday and saturday, sunday again found me on the road rig for another 'more spirited' lap around the lake.  fun ride today with a quick group of peeps from south lake.  the B hung tough, and our friend steak (stacy) learned a hard lesson about not overlapping a wheel as she made contact with the crazy costa rican and then quickly met the asphalt.  she finished the ride, bloody and all.

the B is getting better and better on the bike and i think she is ready for her first century ride next weekend in Chico - the Chico Wildflower Century.  we're headed down with a posse and we'll be lookin' tight and right if our '09 kits ever show up . . .   (kenny?)


Kelvin Kauliflower said...

Good looking crotch shot. That's why the people love the Hoffenchard.

KB said...

it's too bad that you, b, and lake tahoe are all so ugly. i'm jealous. miss you, boo!