Thursday night MTB (aka "nother bunnies" ride)

After my first day as a new art teacher (hell yeah, bitches!), I headed over to the Biltmore Estate to meet everyone's favorite tranny, Jimberly Morrison (credit goes to Kiki for that one). Jim's never ridden there before, so I took him on a tour de Biltmore trails. There's not as many miles there as most places around here, but they are mostly fun, flowy, and fast (if you can ride fast). We got in over 18 miles including paths, just under 2 hrs.

(Jim wants everyone to note that the above pic was taken 19 seconds into the ride and I had already almost fallen to my death on the gravel parking lot road, AND I'm wearing dangly earrings. At least I took off my bangle bracelets!)

ANOTHER goody from Jim's collection - Misfit fixie mtb

me pissed that Jim is taking a "girlfriend" phone call on our ride

site of wreck #1 - this was his third attempt over. the first time he went Superman style over the bars - very exciting to watch from close behind!

site of wreck #2 - JM - "why am i coasting?" - broken chain on a new trail = "oh fuck!" = run the bike up an embankment to stop

27 oz Margarita

the new papas & beer has fucking liquor! woo hoo!!

baby Dacquiri - c'mon, it's a school night


dwight yoakam said...

i'm very much amused by your 'catlike' helmet decal.

and jimberly has too many bikes. but i give him props for going big - on the margarita.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

i agree with ta-homo.

this blog is updated waaaay too much

wv: sonineti

spokejunky said...

You sure that's not an Appletini Jimberly is sporting?