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To the loyal followers of The Hoffen Cross Racers. We will be back in action this weekend in Lenior, NC. After a weekend off we all are stoked to be stepping back to the line and racing again. Hopefully we can produce some of the same results or even better them since we all learned something from race #1 and 2. Keep a look out for the boys in baby blue and brown... in an unrelated note. the new hoffen kits nears design completion so start saving your $ now!!!!
some people thought these gentlemen defined "tough as nails"...

but that was before they knew these ladies...

YOU should move to Asheville, because...

this is what you will see on road rides in the fall:

NCCX 1 & 2

The first two stops of the North Carolina Cross Series went well for the Hoffs. Being our first cross races we all went away with a lesson well learned. I learned the start is crutial!! Dont be in too big of a gear and make sure you clip imediently otherwise youll be chasing down the entire field which is quite the difficult task. So how did we fare? With a field of over 60 racerson both days, Saturday W.T.G finished a very impressive 5th, TZ crashing in the last lap, waited for me then let me pull him around the remainer and then nipped me for 9th and I brought us home with 10th. Sundays race was much more technical and physically challenging, including one monster bitch of a run up! Much of the same tactics were used from the previous days race, Will stayed with the leaders and did his best to stick with em, I f*ed up the start real bad then had to chace down the entire field, and TZ crashed and was forced to abandone the race. The highlight of the day and the stupided move on my part was the Boonen McEwen style sprint W.T.G and I had for 8th and 9th place. Like a complete moron i decided to pass Will and another guy with less than a tenth of a lap left on the bell lap. Will being the man he is and in no way willing to let me beat him stayed on my wheel and nipped me at the line with a bike lunge . Afterward we both puked out all the liquid that was left in our stomachs (sorry spectators on the right hand side of the course) and collapsed. So all in all an awesome weekend of racing with 5 top 10 finishes and tons of good times, memories and lessons learned (one being dont go out till 2:30 in the am drinking like an irishman before a cross race and expect not to feel like ass and or punk your face off). Viva cyclocross!

if only i could grow facial hair...

yea it hurt!!!

(please note W.T.G.'s facial expression!)

Mud, sweat & beers!

Cyclo-cross season is upon us.... This weekend marks the beginning of the North Carolina Cyclo-Cross series. Will, Tony and myself will be making the voyage to Raleigh, NC this weekend to enjoy in the pain and suffering (and drinking for those us of that still drink) that is involved in cross racing. We've worked on the skills now its finally time to see if its been worth it or not. The consensus is that we make take the saturday race kind of semiserious and depend on how it goes we may do the sunday races probably pretty hungover (again for those of us that drink). This should prove to be quite the interesting, fun filled, agonizing weekend of racing (again for those of us that drink). 25 have already pre registered for saturday and 28 for sunday, so if your in town bring your cowbell and a sixer and come join in on the festivities (that mean you dave and kim).McNasty out

Sponsorship Form Letter/Mad Lib for Hoffenchard 2009

In order to expedite the process of securing funds for next year's season, I have posted a sponsorship solicitation letter. It has a 100 percent success rate.

memoirs of a 12hour

what has this hoff learned for his first 12hr mtb race? grip/glove choice is crucial! hidden yellow jacket nests suck! you can only eat so many pb&j's before your utterly disgusted by the sight of them. Dont crash on rocks! they're quite unforgiving and will F you up! Dont try and shoulder check a tree.. you'll loose! People are defenitely envious of the Hoffen kit. would i do it again...? most defenitely but next time i may do several things different. some more pics to add to KB's...

Treeshaker, man down

I'm going to preface this story and let you know that I never said "I told you so". Not once.

It was still pitch black when we left Asheville at 6:20am on Saturday, headed to Fort Mill, SC to heckle, I mean support, Team Hoffenchard in their many attempts at dominating the 12 hour mountain biking extravaganza. We were off to a sleepy start, but munchkins and hot chocolate helped to pump some energy (sugar) into us. I didn't really need the energy as my plan for the day included reading magazines and getting Kyle drinks. Almost immediately, Eric was frazzled and frantic rushing to get his bike ready because #2 on his team, Mark Deaver, had to leave the race and collect his forgotten mountain shoes back at Herb's house so Eric was to do lap 2. About 30 mins into his lap I decided to take a jaunt down the course in reverse to get some pics of Team Hoff. I got Gene, Kenny, Will, and Kyle and was waiting on Joshie and Eric. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting. When I heard footsteps from behind me and saw a relaxed looking Joshie (is he ever not relaxed?) walking towards me I realized I would not be kicking back catching up on back issues of Cooking Light (although I did still have to get Kyle's drinks). Eric wrecked and was taken to a local urgent care facility. Joshie saved the day when he found Eric on the trail disoriented and walking in circles. They walked off the trail and got a ride from a soccer mom to seek medical attention. Eric was hysterical because his bicep was now the size of Joshie's thigh and Joshie was relieved because he was no longer riding his bike and sweating profusely. I made it there just in time to see the injury before it was wrapped. In no time we were on our way to happiness, disguised in the shape of a little, white pill. Eric was medicated and good to go by the time we got back to base camp. Eric spent the rest of the day being loopey listening to stories of bizarre cycling escapades from Rich Dillon and I took pictures with a lomo that has a mind of it's own sometimes. These are the pics that turned out ok.

Prepare yourself....!

Tree Shaker is going down this Saturday and this could prove to be the biggest Hoff gathering to date. Many are preparing themselves for a long day in the saddle, purchasing new lights, tires, tubes, CO2s, gels, bars and whatever else they seem necessary. This will be this Hoff's first 12hour mtb race and i couldn't be more stoked (Baker's Dozen of course didn't count since it was canceled after three freaking laps). Im looking forward to all the pain and suffering that riding a bike for 12hours may cause. Get amped people, its gonna be a good time!

in other news the Hawley company recieved some dope new Pro Race 3's this am. I would highly reccomend the Kermit Green just because it goes quite well with the Hoffen Kits!
McNasty out.