Unleash the Incredible Hoff . . .

um, just got my team kits in yesterday. feeling a bit unmotivated to ride lately after many hours on the bike in months past, these new kits were just the ticket to push my ass back on the saddle.

watch out world. one must be careful when and where he/she decides to unleash the fury of team hoff. went for a ride in the kit yesterday evening on the bench trail (a section of the Tahoe Rim Trail just down from the house). fuck. i was flying. seriously. i passed many a geared rider and was caught by none on the technical rocky trail.

i think these kits add 5+ mph average to your ride.

CONGRATS TO THE TEAM FOR A STELLAR OPENING WEEKEND BACK EAST. kb and patricia - nice work in charlotte on the booty loop. ken doll - great work in the mountains breaking everything.

oh yeah, and an update/recap on Death Ride will be up soon. just waiting for the pictures.

and anyone who wants some pain and destruction in the mountains should head on out for the Tahoe/Sierra 100 in Sept. i'll get up info on that as well.

- b

Offroad Assault on Mt. Mitchell! DNF! Fuck Yeah!

Broken right shoe 3 minutes into the start of the race had me in dead fucking last. Oh yeah, forgot my gloves so that was fairly discouraging. Hooked up with an Industry Nine single speeder and we fought our way on the Old 70 climb to around 250. Sexy bike moves were made on Star Gap and by checkpoint 2, I was around 180. Unfortunately, the foot was experiencing a sharp stabbing pain and then falling asleep and the hands were toast. I had a brief chat with sportif Eric, posed for a picture, accepted more praise for the kit and hopped back on the single-steed. I decided to ride the horrible Curtis Creek Climb and call it a day. the temps were very hot for the mountains. Many riders walking and sitting by the side of the road as the scariest kit in the world rode past them in defiance of the elements. DNF was after 30-35 miles. No mas. Lo siento amigos! This was going to be my last year but after this dismal showing, redemption is in the cards for Hoffenchard.

The start of Curtis Creek. I'm smiling so you know I still have 9 miles to go...

Alley cat & Polo Extravaganza!

Will and Ken lounging/recovered before the madness
post race chill out
there really isnt anything quite like alleycat racing @ 2pm in the dead of summer in good ole Columbia, SC... Many came but few finished, either captured by the cruel mistress of 100+ temperatures or tattooed by one of the southeast's most cycling friendly community drivers not many were seen again. 30+ kids and hipsters showed there faces for an awesome race. Sr. Ken Klatte was poised to be crowned champion but made two fatial manifest mistakes, leaving Willie G and yours truely to capture 2nd and 3rd place. But the fun wasnt over yet. There was polo to be played the next day. An obvious new comer to the polo scene columbias best faced off in a mad max thunder dome style tourney. Who one? who can tell, Ken and I peaced out after only about 20-30 minutes. All shall bow to the thriving hipster wildfire!

july 4 in the sierra

what better way to celebrate our 'independence' than . . . get out and ride a bike. the western states Team Hoff representative and a few buddies (including galen - pretty much an honorary Team Hoff member and ArtBar destroyer) headed out into the mountains on the east side of Lake Tahoe. climb up north canyon to marlette lake, head out onto the flume trail then back down for some fireworks and beer. all in all a successful day.

upon arrival to Marlette Lake we posed for the poparattzi. galen was almost lost a few times on the ride as we could not see him in full Hoss camo. the only reason we were able to find him was because of his loud and very incessant crying about how his grundle hurt.

Lake Tahoe bitches! just about as good as Lake Murray.

and seriously - what ride is complete without a rope swing into clear water? you best beelee'dat.

BOOYAH. when are you pussies gonna nut up and come out here?

beer drinking and fireworks followed.

bikes + pavement + carcasses

well kiddies, its that time of year again:  july.  hot temps, forest fires littering the air with thick smoke, the sun burning a hole in your back and cyclists attempting to ride 5 mountain passes in the Sierras can only mean one thing . . . DEATH RIDE.

come one, come all to the tour of the california alps in alpine county (just south of lake tahoe).  130 miles and 15,000 ft of climbing.