Crazy Larry Birthday Shred-a-thon

Everyone give a big birthday shout-out to the Poacher of all Poachers, the Cheapest of all Cheapskates, the King of all that is one-eyed and testosterone filled, the one and only Larry Caddell. Larry, Gene, Chris Scorsone ( aka Scorch), and myself met up yesterday at the White Water Park for a little b-day rollin'.

It was a very special day indeed, as Larry was actually there on time and he was ready before Gene. No cog changes or bottom bracket rebuild to slow him down today. Check out that bike, Spanks old stuff is everywhere. Gene is also sporting a very bad ass Hoffenchard Jersey. The guy above is the Legend himself, Scorch. Yes, he does still own a bike and a beer gut.

After the usual pre-ride smack talk we all took off. The ride was pretty uneventful, with the exception that Larry kept whining about how gears slow him down. What the fuck ever! Slow is slow, fast is fast. It ain't the bike cowboy. Speaking of cowboys, check out this dude who was at Wild Wings(our post ride beer stop). He put the wild in Wild Wings. Sorry about the poor photo quality, this was a stealth phone shot.

Happy Fucking Birthday Larry.

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dwight yoakam said...

scorch - blast from the past! and urb, that rig is actually my old bike - that went to then to spank and now to cousin larry. now thats some insestuous shit!

happy, cousin. when you coming out here?