The World is Creepy Small

I was out riding Kokopelli yesterday and ended up riding Troy Built with a couple fellas. After the ride we were chattin it up and it turns out these dudes were from Calgary, eh and were visiting Moab for a week and had just come up to ride here in Junction for the day. After sharing life stories one of the guys asks me if I have ever heard of one Rich Dillen, and I'm like "ummm,cha bra, why?". Apparently this dude is his teammate at the Breck Epic. No shit. Mind. Blown.

Race Report: Mead Roubaix

Mead Roubaix = Epic hurt! I cant say I've ever experienced a race or even a ride quite like this. The course, the weather, the competition all made this race a true tough man's or woman's challenge. The course ended up being extremely sandy forcing a lot of riders off their bikes. Heading west there was about a 25+/- mph wind destroying any kind of rhythm you may have had and crushing the souls of riders left without a group. Races broke up before the half way mark of the first lap. If you missed the group you missed out.
As far as my race... I cant really say I'm happy or unhappy with it. I ended up 30th out of about a 75ish field where only 48 actually finished so I'm ok with that. I had my hopes set on a top 20 but dudes are strong out here. I think actually finishing this thing was a feat in its own right. So Mead Roubaix, check!

Peep the Garmin data

If you want to check out some more info/pics/video check it out here. 303cycling or over at CyclingDirt

Here is what I'm eying up next: either The Koppenberg or Superior Morgul Classic with some crits thrown in here or there.

Front Range Hoff OUT

Time to test the legs.

While most cycling fans will be on the couch or in front of the computer watching Paris Roubaix, cyclist on the front rangee will be mixing it up in our own "hell of the north" Mead Roubaix.
The weather has been going in and out but odds are that were in for a very northern France/Belgian style of race.
I for one am pretty excited/nervous, having always wanted to do a race like this and feeling pretty fit and dropping a bit of my "winter" weight but knowing the level of competition here in Boulder can shut down the ego pretty quick.
I've got the whip ready with some 25c Continental Gatorskins, K Edge chain watcher and some clear protective tape for the DT, underside of the chain-stays and front of the fork blades.
Let's see how it goes...