chico century

last sunday's ride. 100 miles in and around chico. the B rode the best i've ever seen her ride. the scenery was sweet. the Sierra Nevada beer was tasty. good times had by all.

and i got to catch up with lara - North Carolinian gone west AND the girl who punked spanky for me at Sea Otter. you should definitely ask him about it.

roy and steak (on a borrowed Ti/Carbon Seven.  fuck, that hurts my eyes)

lara and the B

can you appreciate hologram sparkle sidis?  where can i get a pair?

'09 kits didn't make it in time.  and my helmet is really old.

one of the strongest guys i've ever seen on a bike.  seriously.  Reve, director sportif.

new kits have arrived . . . and they are so freakin sweet.  mine might be making its debut in the high desert this weekend at an XC race.  we'll see.


joshie said...

B1, You def need to get your ass a new helmet! that thing is going to turn into dust the moment it hits the ground.

B2, Awesome job!! congrats on your first century!

Spankye said...

B1, you also need to accept the fact that you aren't capable of growing a beard. and tell that lara chick to get clucked!