Charlotte Summer Series Race #1

Last night marked the kick-off of the Summer Series put on by Neal Boyd with and I was the Hoffenchard representation (please do not check the results,luckily they aren't posted yet). I will give you the quick lowdown. Fast start, dust, roots, more dust, more roots, more dust, roots, dust, finish.

The last photo is credit to Bill over at or better known as "Rock and Roll Stop the Traffic". He was or seemed to be very happy to get to meet a Hoffen. I guess the kit comes with celebrity attached, who knew!
The series is most every Wednesday though the summer, so come on up and race if you can. Beers at my house after.


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

you are and will always be my hero, bette midler style.

if i'm drinking at your house post-race, then you better be ready to have me pass out in your bathtub.


dwight yoakam said...

herb . . . word on the street from cousin larry is that you've been secret training. good to see you racing it up in charlotte.

celebrity? always.