Mosaic Cycles: Road to NAHBS

Day 3. We rode bikes, finally. Mosaic super fan Jeremy Darrah showed us around the Oakland area and it was quite awesome. The Garmin died about an hour in, leave it to me to travel with an uncharged Garmin. We rode about 4.5 hours, did some amazing climbing and descending through some ritzy neighborhoods and redwood forests. Tomorrow we try an hit Marin county and the Golden Gate.

Almost metric century

Chad, Ian, and myself got out this past weekend for a casual 60 miler that included a leisurely climb up Doggett mtn's average 9% grades. Weather was great, and with the exception of chad slicing his tire on a 30 mph descent in front of the home of one not too happy German shepherd, it was an excellent day to be out.

Mosaic Cycles: Road to NAHBS

Day 2. After a 16hr drive we've arrived in Sacramento. It was an interesting drive to say the least. More rain, wind, snow and traffic. I have never been happier to be out of a car.

Bicycle Racing Update

My update: Bicycle racing is for suckas. Sightseeing and gorging is for the entitled fop/traveler seeking to distance himself from immediate responsibilities back home. Beef bacon and onion jelly biscuit and bison jerky were the highlights.

My third favorite Rembrandt, "The Circumcision"

Mosaic Cycles: The road to NAHBS

Day 1: Boulder to Grand Junction. After the axle breaking on the race trailer borrowed from team Clif bar, we finally hit the road with a Uhaul in tow a day behind schedule. 7h hours later... We made it into GJ about 10:30. We originally planned to ride Fruita but the weather was not having it, 30 degrees, 20mph winds and wintery mix. Not an awesome start to the trip. It also looks like well be driving in rain till Lake Tahoe then it turns to snow, awesome. Day 2 here we go...

Gotta love road rides in Leicester.

As seen on Kel's road ride tonight.

2012 is the year of the Hoff!

Its time! 2012 is about to get cracking and that mean kit ordering time. After last years Champion Systems debacle it was decided to kick it up a notch and go with Hincpie so this year we'll be offering their top of the line Velocity series of jerseys and bibs. Details will come shortly of the ordering process. Start saving.

Happy Friday to me

My new to me old school Ibis musette bag courtesy of Pete G. Of course he has 2, and knew how envious I was.

Jim's First Hoffenchard Domination!

Hoffenburg 2012

How many races can you blow a 20 minute lead to finish dead last??

Give us stuff...

Found this rummaging through my desk at work.

Solo birthday ride

My birthday isn't technically until tomorrow, but i took today off and after laying around all morning, got out for a short spin around bent creek. this also just happened to be the last ride i will do on the lynskey. it is headed to a new owner this weekend and i will be bikeless (mtn bike anyway) until parts and a new frame come in.

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