Preemptive shit talking

Kyle will soon be writing about his successful weekend of crit racing. 2nd place this early in the year would normally be welcomed by a ticker tape parade down Huger st. but let us not forget, or ever let kyle live it down that he in fact got beat, and more importantly outsmarted, by a 14 year old junior. maybe next time.

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dwight yoakam said...

this is your old buddy, dwight yoakam, here - checking in from La Paz, Mex. just trying to round up some odd mexican toys for the hoff crew after a sailing trip to boring islands and white sand beaches surrounding by clear water and ocean life. that trip was led into by dominating some climbing in Joshua Tree. it was cold in the desert. and hot. more on that later.

in bike related notes: big ups on the kits, AND shoe covers! hot.

and kyle, you definitely got beat.