Hendersonville UCI Day 1

Eric on first lap

Eric on last lap

Spartancross, 10-7-2012, Cat1-2-3

                                           First race on the tubs this year. Perfect timing...

Requisite camel-toe shot for Kyle:

Weekend update

Short little re-cap from the weekend. Saturday was the first race in the MSG cross series. Jay and I drove up to Kingsport, raced the 3's, and placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. Of note was the weather, which turned from cool Fall day to Poseidon adventure halfway through our race. Good to have something besides dry dusty grass racing for sure. Also, if more races were like that there is no question discs would be needed. Holeshot again at the start!
Asheville had a good contingent. Thankfully we are able to park under the highway which kept us dry when not racing.
Local AVLCX head guy Kris Bedsaul and his Buick Roadmaster race vehicle. Total sleeper car as it has a Corvette LT1 engine in it.
Hoff crew...Me, J$DLUXXX, E White
Sunday, instead of day 2 at Kingsport, I chose to do a little mixed CX/Road ride from the house since the Vlaamse Industrieprijs Bosduin was going to have a live feed. Singletrack into the forest about 100 yeards from the house
Gravel road climb through the Arboretum up to the Parkway
One of several tunnels you have to ride through on the way to Bent Creek Gap
It was clear when i entered the tunnel...other side was almost fogged in
Lake Powhatan in Bent Creek near the house

Post Kingsport report

Jay 2nd, me 3rd. Podium dinner at Bob Evans.

Headed to Kingsport

Perfect cross weather

Don't call Kenny a pussy.

More from the Asheville CX #2

Thanks to Kevin @ Liberty Bikes for even more pics from the AVL CX#2, including the one above where I have no idea what i'm doing.
Men's masters start
Jay out in front early. The barriers were very awkward and placed at the end of a very loose right hand sweeper.
Not sure when this happened, but Jay got a burrito hand up. The man has an iron stomach.
Probationary member E White on the A race start line
End of the A race and Eric rolls over and says, "Check this out"
Nail, in through the tread and out through the sidewall. Just missed the rim bed. Remove nail, install Stan's sealant, and the two punctures were sealed
Masters podium...1st-Jacob McGahey, 2nd-Jamie Pittman, 3rd-yours truly

Asheville CX#2

The 2nd race in the Asheville CX series happened over the weekend. What happened to the 1st, you may ask? Since no one took pictures I guess it never really happened, not really. It's just that all the pics are in video form and as such I don't have much to report on. Back to this past weekend though. Joshie got in on his first B race action and thoroughly enjoyed the extra 10 minutes that class gets race. Jay, Rob De Rose, and I raced the Masters race, which also at 40 minutes is just long enough to loosen our old joints up. Above you can see the massive field that was about to take to the course.
A few things of interest at the start...1) I got the holeshot and dropped everyone for around 2 minutes, 2) Jay slotted in for 2nd at the start for a Hoff tour de force (on lap 1), and 3) Amateur hour! Tom V forgets to start his Garmin and one hands it into the first turn looking down...
Tom V (AVL CX), Jamie Pittman (Carolina Fatz), and me trying to catch first place, who just happened to be Jacob McGahey. Spoiler alert: He warmed up with us, winning easily, then placed 5th in the A race.
The course was a mix of grass, loose sandy soil, and a rather large paved section that climbed behind a storage facility. These grass turns were fast and fun, the loose parts and pavement not so much.
Eric White...co-worker, all around fast guy, and trial basis Hoffenchard member. He is in his probationary period currently but upped his chances this weekend by finishing with a nail that stuck through his tread and exited at the sidewall. So much for that new tubular. Also, I like how the lighting makes me look like the incredible hulk in this pic. Results: Joshie - 13th, Spankye - 3rd, J$DLUXXX - 5th, Rob De Rose - 10th E White - 8th Credit to Jane Burlew for all the photos. She crushed the women's A race and likely would've beaten most of the guys Sunday.

Well, Curtis Creek Tore Me a New One

But the new kit felt great! Then I forgot a half empty gel pack in the pocket, washed it, threw it in the dryer and now the bibs are covered in dark red blood-looking splotches, like my penis was severed while riding. I wish that was figurative language but I think it really did happen during ORAMM.

Dirty Kanza Finishers

Well done boys, well done.

Look for the report from the men themselves soon...

Checkpoint número uno, 61 miles

One flat tire at mile 30 and that's it. These two hombres are looking food and are muy bueno

Dirty Kanza 2012

The race has started and good thoughts are swirling in their little heads like "don't be a pussy Spankye" and "I'm a worthy human being". Time will only tell if these affirmations are spot on, or if they'll be in a shame spiral.

Kanza recon ride

Did a nice little 21 mile leg stretcher this morning in the roads around Emporia.