Pisgah Group Camp

This weekend the Hoff crew decided to change things up a big with a group camping trip to Pisgah National Forest. The plan was to kick back relax maybe ride a little or hike a little, grill some food, drink some beers and enjoy each others company.

Friday night was pretty chill, setting up tents/chairs/hammocks what have you, then the eating and drinking began. Just a simple hot dog and burger selection accompanied by some chips and salsa or KB's delicious hummus and pita chips.

Saturday the group was split. Some decided to head out for a long mountain bike ride, while the few of us that raced 12 Hours of Tsali the weekend before (with the exception of Jess) opted to hike up to Looking Glass Rock. The reward of the 1.5+ hour hike is well worth it. I recommend it to whom ever decides to camp in Pisgah. Gorgeous views!

Saturday night's festivities were a step up from Friday night's. We kicked things off with a trip to Dolly's Ice Cream for some tasty rewards for the days activities. I'm told this is also a must do while camping in Pisgah. Once back at base camp the charcoal was lit and the grilling commenced. We feasted on hot dogs, burgers, steaks, corn on the cob, grilled veggies (zucchini, squash i believe), pizza (not a grilled item) and of course chips and salsa or hummus and pita chips.

After our stomachs had been gorged it was time for some fire play. Crazy Larry and son Eli got the fire raging....
Then KB broke out some sparklers and we toasted to great friends and good times...A pretty nice weekend off... Thanks guys! Now yours truly (and Joshie) prepare for the Low Country Challenge


KB said...

beautifully said, kyle!

Mister Fahrenheit said...

Agreed! Damn, I wish my car hadn't been in the shop... I would've pointed it south in a heartbeat. Some of the best weekends of my life involved Pisgah with you crazies.