Low Country Challenge Weekend

This weekend we took the trip down to Beaufort, SC for the Low Country Challenge. The activities included a Saturday morning 40K TT, a Saturday afternoon criterium and a Sunday morning 40 mile road race (plus other shenanigans inbetween). So to sum up..

Saturday mornings TT was a complete cherry poppin experience for me. I had but a slight idea of what to expect when doing time trialing. The course was out 20K, then back 20K and flat as a 12 year old school girl. I did my usual "warm up" which usually involves mainly listening to music and goofing off but i did it anyway just to get the blood pumping and the legs loosened up a bit.So after almost falling over in the start box, my race began. About 3 miles in I get passed and im thinking to myself, shit im getting passed already... damn, so I take it up a notch (granted the guy who passed me was on a fully TT loaded Cervelo, disk wheel, maybe a Zipp 1080 front i mean the works, probably a $10,000 bike). I'm approaching the turn around and i'm catching up to this kid (not the one that passed me earlier, that mo fo was gone!) when he slows down, unclips and stops to talk to the official who was standing there so I was forced to slow and just about stop too. The kid stops and says to the official, "I missed the turn around for the juniors. What do I do?" Are you fucking kidding me! There was a dude in the middle of the road with a bright orange road cone with a giant sign saying JUNIORS TURN AROUND, what an idiot! Anywho. I ended up with a time of 1:04:58 putting me in 5th place. Not to shabby i think for my first TT. I do believe that if it wasnt for that incident at the turn around I would have made the podium...

Joshie decided to join in for Saturday afternoon's crit race. So to be short and sweet, it did not go to well for me. Im not sure if it was my legs from the mornings TT efforts or what but it just wasnt there for me..I was struggling to hold wheels and unable to maintain speed through the corners because I was close to the back of the field.
So it came down to a sprint which is what was expected. So I stand up to give it a go, I get 2-5 strokes in and bam! my chain blows off the outside almost causing me to catapult over my handlebars and eat pavement. Somehow I save it. I give the cranks one revolution and my chain goes back on but by that time there is no one close and joshie is pretty much right next to me and with a bike lunge takes me at the line for 16th and I get 17th.
**********joshie wins*************

Sunday I knew I needed to put in a decent performance to even contend with any kind of omnium overall but it was one of those mornings when you would just rather lay in bed than race your bike. The thunderstorms also made it difficult to find the will power to ride. For the first lap I decided to take it easy, checking out the course and trying to find an kind of motivation I may have left. After two laps down the legs are feeling pretty good and im staying in the top ten or so, taking my pulls and mixing it up with who I think will be the potentials. Then the monsoon begins. As soon as the pelaton hit the back side of the course we could all see a wall of rain charging towards us. Freaking Great! Two seconds in and i'm soaked to the core. This is not such a big deal to me because I tend to somewhat enjoy less than perfect conditions (maybe its my love for cyclocross) but I am however worried about how the rest of the field will react. So with a lot of luck there were no incidences, may close calls but no crashes. Once again it came down to a bunch sprint. With a very very long straight it was going to be a tough one. So the first guy jumped and knowing he defenitely went to early I waited. Then I see the big boys go (big boys meaning the dude with tree trunks for legs...) so I do the same! I cross the line in 10th place which I am pretty happy with considered the days conditions and the fact that this was my first official road race.So for the overall.......
I eneded the weekend's overall standings in 5th. Which I am happy with but still a little bummed about considering the TT insident and the less than stellar crit performance which I feel cost me some vital points since I missed the podium for the overall by only a couple. But hey.... thats bike racing. I would just like to finally make a podium after being so close so many times.

Once racing commenced we high tailed it to the beach to finally do a bit of relaxing, sun bathing and Corona drinking. Man those were some of the best tasting Coronas i think i've ever had...

Once again many thanks to the Smailsley for coming along for support! You guys rock!

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