d d d downieville

you may or may not hear a lot about downieville these days, but i remember many a tale in bike rags when i was just a junior.  i've always wanted to check out the trails and see the area - and two weeks ago i finally got that chance.

yes, i said two weeks ago.  this should have been up sooner but things get in the way.  i can recall one free night i had (while the B2 was away last week) when the thought of this post was interrupted by a 'conference call' of sorts from 2 teammates in a bar in Raleigh, NC.  the post had to be cut short due to a few important matters, and i quote:
"i bet i can grab that girls ass without getting smacked"
"well, thats just the way it was back then downtown at Mythos" - the infamous charlotte nightclub.
and least we not forget, "i'm telling you, belly dancing on FitTV is way better than the strip club.  save your f'ing money."

anywhos, you understand the importance of the meeting now.  so downieville is pretty rad.  the trails are as well.  we should get a posse together next year for the downieville classic.

it rained a bit on saturday eve (as B2 and i were shooting a wedding) so the trails were perfect the next day.  MUCH to my chagrin we shuttled up - after i pleaded with B2 and finally caved - and rode the upper part of the classic XC course then dropping back to Dville.  high exposed ridges, dense green forest and rivers rushing all around you.  steep gorges, tall redwoods and buffed singletrack (in places).  pretty sick.  i think it lives up to the hype.

not the greatest photos:

downieville.  where the dville and yuba rivers meet.  its a tiny place.


Spankye said...

damn...that looks awesome B.

KB said...

wow - arm warmers, knee warmers, and jackets are still on out there? looks fun and pretty!

dwight yoakam said...

rode in to work today in winter gloves, toe covers, full leg warmers and jacket. then rode with the boys after work in bibs and jersey. mtn weather is crazy, and no it hasn't been super hot yet this year.

but you don't hear me complaining about that. joshie would hate it though.