50 / 50

Eastern Sierra Double Century is saturday.  i'm riding, come what may.   and i'm not sure why.

its a toss up -  the weather may be great or it could be horrid.  or somewhere in between.

forcast is 50% chance on rain/thunderstorms/hail/snow.  any and/or all of those combinations and cold temps for sure.  we shall see.  2 folks from the original group have backed out already and another is on the fence.  i'm going.  200 miles of amazing east side sierra views and sun, or 200 miles of hell - roubaix style.

route:  leave Bishop, head towards Mammoth Lakes on small roads then onto June Lake before reaching the northern most point of the route, Lee Vinning.  head east to Benton then south to Bishop.  200 miles.  damn.  (the discerning eye will notice that we are just on the east side of the Sierra from Yosemite Valley/Tuolumne Meadows!  and the mtn range to the east, the White Mtns, are home to some of the oldest trees in the world - ancient bristlecone pines.  so much stellar rock climbing in the corner of the world too.)

when finished:  eat a ton, pile in the car and shred back to Tahoe saturday night.  crash out.  wake and ride "america's most beautiful bike ride" . . . another 100 miles around the lake w/ side trip to Truckee.

taking the insanity up a notch this weekend.  300 in two days, then back to work on monday.  boo-yah.  spring training in FULL effect.


Spankye said...


dwight yoakam said...

haters - 1, lovers - 0.

KB said...

mad props, b! spank is just jealous cause we'll be at the beach in the rain all weekend. booooooo. at least the hoff racers will make the trip worthwhile...hopefully.