Podium Sweep... Boyah!!

So for those of you who haven't heard/seen/got the telegrams, the Hoffenchard single speeders swept the podium at 12 Hours of Tsali this past weekend. Yours truly taking 3rd, Will the G taking second and the great wise one, Ken Klatte taking top honors with 1st. Joshie also represented well with a 4th place in Open Solo.Much thanks to our awesome support crew! Kelly Lil Boozie Fischer and Eric Spanky Smith held it down all day and into the morning hours in the pits making sure we were all fueled up, equipment was functioning well, and metal stability was at an acceptable level. Pretty impressive since they were enjoying brews and beverages all day. KB also put in some quality time as the team masseuse once she was done with her 6 hour campaign.

yes he was the one responsible for mechanical problems........not many people can do this while sleeping and standing up....dimensia sets in.A long day but a good day!


dwight yoakam said...

as far as awkward podium shots go, i think that kenny is getting the hang of it. and nice death look, McNasty.

tell old man spank to ease up on that busch light!

Palmetto Solo said...

Will this podium shot be gracing the halls of Hawley in the near future?

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

oh christ, the inimitable billy fehr is following the blog now!



Emily said...

awesome sweep. fun racing with you guys out there!!