Hoff +PMBAR=F'n Rad

A Hoff sighting in PMBAR. The new Hoff jersey is so rad even Dickster wanted to touch it. Hands off this baby hoff was on fire.

Descending Laurel Mountain trail after picking up CP2 of 5

Hellz yeah 5 of 5 CP 15th place overall 11:20 in the saddle or should I say moving through PNF. Double Bonus the PBR logo scored me a frosty PBR at CP 3 (FS5000).

All photos courtesy of Brado thanks for the link.

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dwight yoakam said...

toby - welcome to the fold. and congrats on a stellar ride in PMBAR. tip of the hat, good sir.

would love to come back and do it some year, SOON!