Ride night, Bent Creek

We managed to get out for our weekly Bent Creek Ride this past Tuesday. This was my first ride back since my Sea Otter/Fruita trip and also the first ride on my new Niner. As usual it was pretty much the nicest bike there. Of course Jimm wasn't there which would have relegated everyone to the back as he has the bike pron collection. Why wasn't he there you might ask??? He claimed tiredness and a need to relax after a long weekend but come to find out he spent the eve with The Ming, courting her with copius amounts of mediocre food and fine wine. At any rate, the ride was mellow and the trails were moist, like soft batch cookies. Peter, F'ing Gary, KB, and myself are your cast of characters.

Here KB candidly looks over her shoulder just seconds after berating me with a string of obscenities for not taking enough pictures.

I throw the camera at her and tell her to shove it. I have a new bike and tall socks, something she doesn't know anything about.

Peter and F'ing Gary heading up North Boundary. Pete is training for Ride The Rockies and hurt everyone on the 4 mile climb. Notice the long sleeve jersey which he claimed was "very thin and comfortable, with a UPF of 30". Whatever, he is dropping lb's for RTR...secret training right in front of us and we were too stupid to notice. Indeed his old school mind tricks are superior. Gary by the way is riding a work bike that he is not at all happy with. Soon he will have his very own custom Stickel however.

Kelly heading down Sidehill.

A few videos for your viewing pleasure.


joshie said...

loud ass avid brakes.

dwight yoakam said...

video . . . takin'er up a notch! spank still has best air even with loud ass brakes.

Urb said...

Spanky + Gears = Armageddon is near. Fear the click.

Spankye said...

loud ass brakes about to go away...
if you notice the loud clank on my second jump, that would be the rim contacting the ground. i almost blew the tire off.