spring training camp continues

saturday brought spring weather and a hunger for some miles.  decided on a route with 3 mountain passes, around 8500 ft of climbing and 100 miles.  it was insanely beautiful.  i dragged roy's punk ass along.  he we cursing my name by the end of the day.  actually well before the end of the day.

the route:
and profile:

and pretty pictures:
he wears orange Oakley's.  i don't know . . . he's Coasta Rican.

descending to Topaz Lake

half way.  turning up into the canyon, headed for Monitor Pass.

11 mile climb.  workin' it.


heading for Markleeville

today's post brought to you by Vicious Cycles, Harrell's and Deez Nuts

west fork of the Carson River

Kenny!  i found your new job.  you're an orphan, right?  (shot in the men's toilet, Markleeville General Store)

heading up Woodford's Canyon

roy stretching out before climbing the last pass of the day

you kids really need to get out this way and ride.  it'll blow your mind.

did i hear something about ole kelvin winning 2nd in the state championship series?


Philip said...

wow,,,,,what spectaculor scenery, it must be such a pleasure to train there

dwight yoakam said...

its not too bad - just that everyone out here is a freakin' animal on the bike. the level of fitness steps up a notch or two for sure. but thats a good thing i suppose.

i actually love it here in the Sierras. if i'm allowed to be a softy for a bit - i just miss all of these other hooligans and misfits back east.

Palmetto Solo said...

I'm really digging that Vicious. Thanks for bringing the poor folks stuck here in the dirty dirty some inspiring pics.

KB said...

i like your crotch.

dwight yoakam said...

thanks toby.

and Boo - thats really not news to me.