gettin'er done in the dirt.

well after thursday's total surprise (see below), saturday brought more pedal-til-you-puke action - with equal to or greater than results.  the Pine Nutcracker, or Pine deezNuts Cracker, held in the Pine Nut Mtns (surprise, surprise).

i was holding it down for the Hoff team in single speed class at my first XC race in a decade - 2 laps on the 10+ mile course of punchy uphills and grinding false flats mixed with flowing downhills.  about 8 or 9 of us showed up in the SS category.

pro/expert men fired off first, about 4 mins ahead, then they turned us loose with the sport men and pro/expert women.  it was a large field of 30 or so that was quickly strung out with the rolling uphill start.  i hammered down out of the gates, partly because i was forced to due to the lack of shifting and partly because i didn't want to repeat the 'passing party' that kenny had to put up with at harbison last week.  2 minutes in found almost the whole SS class up front setting pace and sort of breaking away.

long story sorta-short - one SS'er checked out.  i mean checked the fuck out.  i chased and chased but never saw him again.  i found myself in second with a few SS try to creep on a brotha, and still ahead of the whole sport class and pro/expert womerns - and never looked back.  i kept it pinned (read:  nose about to bleed, legs on fire, bile mouth, lungs trying to keep up) for an hour:36 and even caught some of the pro/expert class.

second place.  i was stoked.  but i tried like hell to win it.  i don't think the XC scene is my thing though.  i'll stick to the enduros; they're way more fun.

and a few photos -

woke up to snow this morning.  come on, its may.

view from my warm up in the pine nuts - looking back across the valley to the stormy Sierra.  i live in the snowy part.  you should visit.  we have pretty good riding.

today's forecast - rain?  snow?  who knows

no race photos as this was a solo mission.  just shot warming up on my tiny bike.

hope Cashiers was fun.  hate to miss that with the posse.  hearts and farts - b


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

glad to see somebody else is racing "full rigid" as well. kudos B!

wv: oveterve

KB said...

good job, boo! 2 podiums in one week!!