12 Hrs of Tsali recon

I love Tsali. Period. Words can't express the conditions today, but pictures can.

Chandrea (Chad & Andrea Storck)

2 laps of the Right Loop, 22 miles. Fast, fun, flowy trails (despite the dozens of mini-lake puddles). I forgot how close and how fun Tsali is. Why do people hate on Tsali?! Maybe it's not challenging enough for some, but these trails were made for someone like me. Minimal climbing, maximum flow. Maybe I just haven't been on enough MTB trails in my 2 short years of riding, but today was the most fun I've had on a bike and the best I've ever ridden. Not a lot of action pics, as we were pretty spread out, getting a feel for our own individual race pace in 2 weeks. Chad and Andrea have both been convinced to race 6 hours solo!! Sounds like we are going to have a lot of out of town and local friends there - should be fun for all! Anyone interested in running support for us?


Mister Fahrenheit said...

...yeah, I'm gonna need you to open a portal in the space-time continuum and move Washington, DC about 500 miles closer to Tsali. That'd be... great.

dwight yoakam said...

i miss Tsali. haven't been up there in years but it was always fun. wish i were around for the support team.