Ladies' Night

I finally got out to ride with Andrea and her ladies MTB group last night. They ride Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I think I'll end up sticking with them instead of always bringing up the rear of the Tuesday night ride crew. That's good training though, so I'll probably alternate. Either way, I have a new group to ride with!!

It was really nice to ride with girls. They talk about other things besides bikes (like gardening, drinking beer, eating spinach, hot guys, etc). It was only Andrea, Jennifer, and myself last night, but sounds like there are usually more. Since Pisgah Area Sorba was out doing trail work, we thought we'd be considerate and ride mostly fire roads so as not to damage the trails after all the rain we've had. We did hit Chestnut Gap and Explorer Loop, where we practiced getting air over some baby jumps:

Andrea dominated up the last gravel road climb, dropping my ass like a hot potato. Is that a saying or did I just make that up? Maybe Andrea is rubbing off on me (remember, she's the one who made up "killing one bird with two stones")! I tried with almost everything I had to catch her, but couldn't do it. Jennifer insists she's been secret training.

Andrea's Papa's & Beer outfit, courtesy of the year 1997 and Jim Morrison.

More fun to be had next week, ladies!! Thanks for the ride.

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