Tuesday night MTB rides!

Last year we met up with Jimberly Morrison for weekly spins around Bent Creek, usually to be followed by dinner and drinks at Papas & Beer. This was shortly after we all met and it didn't take long for us to realize that Jim was going to hammer out of the parking lot gates most days. As the months went on the young lad decreased his steroid intake on ride nights to be more social and sometimes we could actually see him on the same trail as us. Actually, it was usually Jim - gap - Eric - gap - me. Occasionally we'd be joined by Fuckin' Gary and his sweet Tsunami.

This year's weekly ride night was off to a quiet, muddy start this past Tuesday, but Eric and I enjoyed getting to ride together for the first time in awhile. We did a forest road loop around Bent Creek, to avoid further damaging the wet trails that everyone else was ruining. Riding the forests roads was surprisingly fun and proved to be a leg burning workout. Most of the burning started on South Ridge Rd. after being dominated gracefully by a girl on a beautiful Moots cross bike. Eric was pissed because she had his dream bike and I was pissed because I don't know how people ride that fast. Anyhoo, a chilly 14 miles later we were in truckie on our way to Papas!

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Osaka Bikes said...

Nice jersey! Stripes are a rarity these days