Bling Bling!

Our first fleet of Revolution Wheels arrived last week and we've been able to put some initial miles on them. I went with the Rev 50X because I plan on racing these bad boys in crits and cross this year. My first impressions are that tubulars are dope! Ride quality, weight, not to mention they make you bike look super fast even if you may not be. Now going from my DT Swiss 1850s (which I love and will never get rid of, they're freaking bomb proof!) to My Rev's which weighed in at 1360, I noticed a huge difference! The only issue I've come across is a massive squeal when braking. But this is more than likely do to my brand new pads on my brand new carbon rims or possibly an improper pad alignment by yours truly (I'm working on it, haven't been able to get back out on them due to the weather these days).

My 50x's, 50mm deep carbon rim, 24 spokes 2 crossed in front, 28 spokes 2 crossed in the rear make more a pretty stout wheelset.
Josh went with the Rev 30's, a 30mm alloy rim with a 24 spoke radial front and a 28 spoke 2 cross rear. Joshie has ridden to work a few times and says he's enjoyed his wheels, with the exception of a loud freewheel (which I also had but after opening up the hub and applying a little grease, it went silent, I mean dead silent, you can't hear me coming...).Will opted for the Rev 50's. a 50mm deep carbon tubular rim with 20 spoke radial front and a 24 spoke 2 cross rear. He can get away with these for road and cross since hes about 5 foot nothing and a buck 30...We're hoping with the addition of these wheels the Hoff boys will be able to pull out a couple of Ws this year. Now be it on the road or off is another story all together. Just keep a look out, odds are we'll be ahead of you... HA!


spokejunky said...

That squeal usually comes from bad/too hard pads. Try Swisstop Yellow carbon pads. Or take a flat file and take a little amount of the pad braking surface off. Brown cork pads used to work good for me, but I can't find those anymore. I'm assuming you know not to use regular ole' black aluminum rim pads on a carbon rim.

KB said...