Restaurant review - El Tio New Rochelle, NY

Once again I am on travel for business and once again I find myself at yet another restautant. I thought that since I travel so frequently I would give my other Hoff's and those which follow Hoff land a glimpse into my gastronomic tendencies.

Tonight I am at the Mexican joint El Tio across from my hotel in New Rochelle, NY. I love Mexican/Tex Mex. It's my second favorite food group behind chips (tortilla chips to be exact).

When I frequent a Mexican restaurant I always order the same thing so I can directly compare what I am eating with my default restaurant of choice, Papa's and Beer in Asheville. You might be saying what does Asheville have in common with Mexican food? I said the same thing until reading their story and finding that they hail from SoCal with restaurants in their blood.

My food of choice is simple, Taqueria style tacos. These should be easy to make but as I have found it's hard to make one truly delicious.

My tacos, alas, were not as good as Papa's but they weren't bad. They just didn't have the flavor and tenderness I'm used to. And the hot sauce, while good, wasn't any hotter than the salsa served with the chips. The guacamole was more creamy than chunky and can't compete wit my wife Kel's homemade version.

The shining star at El Tio was the Margarita, called he Cadillac. It was bad ass. Stronger than than the truth syrum margaritas that Kel's aunt Pammakes, yet fast at the same time. Quite simply they will dominate you. Think three shots of tequila with a splash of fresh lime and gran marnier.

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