back when it was warm and sunny...

i enjoyed going outside to ride my bike and to run. now it's overcast, cold, and rainy - for the next 6 days! and everyone i know is on vacation right now, so that makes it worse. josh and eric advocating for bicycles in DC, jessica soaking up the sun in floriday, kelly fisher and her girls partying in NYC, and will and kyle getting wasted in savannah. i hate you all!

here are some nostalgic photos from sunny, warm rides/runs last week:

3 minutes into new route, ominous of the climbs to come
helen's haunted bridge (the spooky rest stop on halloween ride!)
downtown asheville

beaver lake

bent creek
soon to be rhododendron tunnel
sunset on lake powhatan


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

That bridge was full of hippies smokin' do[e on halloween, and we were stuck in the middle of 'em!

McNasty said...

your here in spirit... ill pour one out for my homie.

KB said...

no one told me there was dope! damn it, i always miss out.

spokejunky said...'s like saying or spelling aluminum or onomatopoeia. Yes I had to spell check that last one. All aside...yes, soon you'll have to duck to get through them, but have a wide grin while riding through it.

dwight yoakam said...

well, not to worry KB . . . i'm not on vacation until week after next. then three weeks of climbing and sailing!

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

You suck Brandon

KB said...

i agree, kenny! does he ever work?!