Cola crits, grits, and a shat ton of green beer!

Yes its Monday, and yes my mind is already in weekend mode. And this one should be a good one! The festivities include (in chronological order:)

1) vaca/training/st pats day prep in Savannah,GA Wednesday-Friday2) Crit racing in Blythwood, SC Saturday morning 9AM3) Pre 5 points party with the girls from Greene St. Saturday 10:30AM (you gotta love these girls, who else would cook a huge breakfast to make sure you're fueled up and ready to drink!)
4) St. Patty's Day festivities in 5 points.5)Race in Forest Acres, SC Sunday 9AM.
6)If all goes according to plan we will be celebrating back to back Hoffenchard wins Sunday. (we'll see how that goes since Will the G and I are still road bike less...and will more than likely be hungover like a mofo!)
But man i am PUMPED!!! watch out bitches!


dwight yoakam said...

i like that vacation starts on weds. my kind of work week.

good luck to you boys at them there bicycle races. you can't talk joshie in racing that new storck?

McNasty said...

oh its already taken care of. hes commited to sundays race... and will be the "protected rider". i mean who else will out sprint those tree trunks of his...?