Mountainous Lunch Ride in the Mountains

Thought all the flatlanders (not you B) might want a little glimpse into the illustrious Cane Creek lunch ride. Our lunch rides vary from 12-20 miles depending on the time of year and how quick you can get ready. Luckily we get hour and a half lunches everyday to accommodate this!

Today's foray was a short one, right at 13 miles, but with the recent snows it changed it up enough to keep it interesting. I only say that because this is one of the more regular loops and thus gets boring over time. Sike. These roads never disappoint. I would have taken more pictures but finagling your iPhone out of a jersey pocket, stopping by the side of the road, and then having to take your glove off to work the damn thing got old.

About a mile down the road from work

A snowy field

More snow! Hard to believe there was almost 9" of snow here on Monday.

Llama's for KiKi.

Down the road from the llamas but before the greenhouses (not pictured)

Danger. Actually this wasn't bad. The dude going 80 in his pimped out Chrysler Cirrus through the curve in the distance was dangerous.


Miss Jumper said...

Baby Mama Llama Drama!!!!!!!!!

Spankye said...

I saw the brown one pictured taking a leak while walking and eating today. must be nice.

Palmetto Solo said...

Any Hoffenchards making an appearance at Assualt on the Carolinas.

KB said...

No, but we are doing Tour de Cashiers.