Its that time again!

new kits will be ordered by the end of the month! Make sure to get your order to Kenny ASAP!! We will be doing short sleeve jerseys, arm warmers, bibs, and shoe covers. So get your sizing and quantity info in now... check out Chapmion Systems for all the sizing and technical jargon.

I would also like to thanks a few peeps for looking out for us this year... all the dope funky fresh boys at Cane Creek, our favorite stem/seatpost gurus at Thomson, and of course the our west coast shot callers... Chrome Bags

Thanks Guys!!! Looking forward to throwing down in 09


dwight yoakam said...

thanks for all the work on these kits - kyle kenny joshie?

they look rad and we'll be representin'.

kenny can you email me with prices? i'm in for jersey, bibs, arm warmers, maybe shoe covers?

Miss Jumper said...

gimme a jacket or else

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

thanks to kyle. praise allah