And it Ends!!!!

Well cross season is officially over for the Hoffen boys. This weekend's race was the final one on the calendar and i think were glad it was. This was Will and my first CX3 race and of course we picked a race that combined CX3,CX2, and PRO all in one field. Oh and we raced for about an hour (doubling our normal 30minutes). Long story short, let just say if the field was a train, will was the car right in front the caboose and i was the caboose, End of Story.

In the CX4 race, Jim Morrison (CC peion) took 5th and even Joshie kept his word and made a much anticipated apperience

Enjoy the photos...

no one told us there would be barriers this time!!! WTF!

Time to switch gears and begin preparing for either mountain for some or road racing for others or perhaps just enjoy some r&r and a frosty PBR.

Kits are in the works... Wheeling and Dealing has begun with Champion Systems. Keep a look out.

Also... HoffenCross approaches! Make plans you pansies! 2/7/09!


Adam said...

Please post a 1280x1024 version of that last image for me to use as the background on the office computer. kthxbye

dwight yoakam said...

that last photo was disturbing, but the others were enjoyable. i like when people fall down.

dwight yoakam said...

oh, and good job kids! even joshie was out and about!