Cooper River Bridge Run

That's right, it says RUN in the post title. Josh, Eric, and I have made a goal of running the 10K Cooper River Bridge Run this April 4th in Charleston, SC. I'm not talking a full on sprint, just not walking (that's my goal, at least). Eric has done one 10K before, but Josh and I are newbies (although Joshie did walk/run this 2 years ago). It's a big ass bridge, but the rest is flat so I'm hoping for the best. Join us if you're not a bike snob and will enjoy cross training.

Do they have SAG vehicles in running races? Just in case.


joshie said...

dang it! I'm going to officially rule that nobody is allowed to post about my "potential" plans. How am I supposed to back out of it now?!

KB said...

you don't make rules for me, baker.