Interval training

sike...y'all know me. the only interval i've ever done is tricycle racing back in the day. or naked tandem riding in the winter (remember that one B??).

what I DID do today was get out with my wonderful wife and slum up the Biltmore Estate's fine singletrack today. it's good for when you want to escape the crowds of Bent Creek. the only crowds at Biltmore are the out of town knuckleheads buying overpriced wine and "auto touring" around the grounds at 5mph.

but their trails are a nice respite from the long climbs and descents of the area. They are still narrow enough to be called singletrack and rarely do you see anyone else use them. And we are lucky enough to have passes that get us in free (thanks Joshica!). Anyway, you don't care about words so here are the pics.

asleep at the wheel. notice ghetto headliner resting on my dome.

lots of corn on the estate. this road connects the two sets of singletrack at biltmore.

kels first of many body temperature regulation attempts. i swear i have never met anyone whose body temps are as insane as hers.

kel bridging back up after my first interval obliterated her.

cows. soon to be the "Heritage Burger, flame grilled black angus beef" at the Stable Cafe. no lie.

another interval along the black angus highway. i narrowly avoided that manure no doubt dropped by a horse.

interval 3...look at that gap!

kel on the counter attack.

if you are an astute reader you will notice that kel has now gone through 3 different glove combinations in an attempt at regulating her seemingly un-regulateable body temperature.

a beautiful field.

everything is beautiful at biltmore!

a majestic biltmore horse...that dropped a deuce just minutes before.

end of the ride. another great day in the mtns.

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dwight yoakam said...

nice the see the elder gnome getting a post in. and some good times noted in the opening of said post.