2008 sightings:

the B actually spotted in her kit. a rare sighting -

hoff member under a bridge -

a very expensive tandem -

a ride that turned into a night ride -

torn Harrel's bibs and some blood - 

a big lake.  oh, and the B -

a cane creek headset -

the frigid pacific ocean -


KB said...

lookin' good, b&b! are you too cheap to get yo girl some road shoes? i'm glad someone else posted - maybe you can post closer to the actual date next time!

dwight yoakam said...

she has shoes now . . . she is the lame-o who wont ride with them. sneakers, i mean, come on! it should be illegal

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

That kit looks saucy! That Seven tandem looks even saucier! We did burrito tonight and chatted about a potential sponsor...

dwight yoakam said...

hrmm, what sponsor do you speak of?