CRB Training, Day 1.... WTF!!

Well, since Kelly has previously stated that I was thinking about doing the Cooper River Bridge Run, I am left with no choice but to go through with it. Being that the last time I really ran for any distance was in 1998 (and that distance being a scant 2 miles), I have decided that a little bit of training is in order. I know what you're saying. "Yea, but you are a Hoffenchard member, what is this 'training' you speak of?!" Normally I'd agree with you, but when you are the mascot of heavy in the Hoffenchard clan, beating 215 lbs. into the ground for 6.2 miles (sorry fellow runners, 10 Kilometers) doesn't sound like too much fun. So tonight Jess and I have started a run/ride challenge. The premise is simple, I've mapped out a 2 mile loop from our house. I try to run this loop without dying while Jess rides the same loop, completing as many laps as she can before I either finish the loop... or she has to call an ambulance to pick me up.

Tonight was the first night and it actually went surprisingly well. I did my 2 miles with a combo of running and walking in 26 minutes. Not the greatest, believe me I know, but for a first quasi-serious run in 10 years, I'll take it. I even felt good enough to keep going for a slightly more casual bonus mile giving me a total of 3 miles in just under 40 minutes. Another bonus as you can see in the picture, was the 4lbs. of salt that I created on the outside of my sweatshirt. I love sweating in sub 40ยบ temperatures! I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow though. I can already feel my legs cussing me out and refusing to move. Jess, who successfully came out of her Hoff training (Read: riding as little as possible) did pretty good too, pulling a solid 2 laps in about 20 minutes. I tried to stay ahead of her and finish before she could get around to complete lap 2, but my pitiful, thick, heavy legs had no endurance to keep her at bay.

When asked about her performance, Jess stated, "I could of done much better if I could have stayed warmer. My stupid leg warmer thingys kept falling down and I couldn't feel my arms or my back. My toeses were a little chilly too. At least I look pretty good in my Hoffenchard kit, yea? Whatever, don't look at me like that! I'm going to finish my coloring!"

(seriously, she colored this tonight. She got a crayola calendar!)

Speaking of calenders, Dang this is a long post, There is now a Hoffenchard Google Calendar available to the public. We'll try and get all of our potential events on it to help our fellow Hoffs and spectators, If there are even any, plan their weekends to have maximum Hoffenchard saturation. Okay, Phew! Sorry for the long post. Joshie, Out!

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dwight yoakam said...

baker on baker action. hot!

KB said...

That shit was FUNNY! I know what you mean about sweating in the cold, but I don't think I've ever produced enough salt to cure some country ham. Yay, Joshica!

Spankye said...

salt cakes are so hot right now, salt cakes.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

right on!