Mills River

Josh and I headed over to North Mills River last Thursday to photograph Stage 3 of the Pisgah Stage Race, which covered Spencer Branch and Gap, Fletcher Creek, Trace Ridge, and Bear Branch. There was a pretty good showing of some baller pros and locals, which made for an exciting couple of hours in the woods. We set up on an exposed rock face section of Lower Trace and I can only be blamed for causing one wreck the entire day (sorry!! You're supposed to look at the trail while racing, not the photographer!). After shooting Josh had to be a good house husband and run some errands so I did a short solo loop up FS 5000 and Spencer Branch and "down" Trace. I use "down" loosely, bc although it's considered a downhill there is prob more climbing on it than on the while Tsali loop that I rode earlier last week. And as it was a Thursday, of course it was followed up by Papas & Beer.

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