I love Tsali. I don't care that I live in Asheville and I'm supposed to love Pisgah with it's technical bullshit and gnarly downhills - I don't. I love Tsali with it's minimal climbing and gradual downhills. We actually never come out to Tsali except for the once a year that we race 12 hrs of Tsali in the spring, but I happen to be staying in Cullowhee this week for a workshop and it's 45 mins to Tsali from here, which is 45 mins closer than going from Asheville. So yesterday during my early afternoon 3 hour reflection period, I raced on over to ride Thomson loop for 7 miles and headed back. It was a perfect day and was a super fun, low key ride by myself. Only stopped for a few cheesy/scenic/fall pics, but thought I'd do a quick post since Kyle keeps yelling at everyone to post more.


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