Big Weekend.

This weekend is set to be one of the biggest cross weekends here in the front range. We got the Colorado Cross Classic tomorrow at the infamous Res and the Boulder Cup on Sunday at the brand spanking newish Valmont Bike Park. If you've heard or seen, Boulder got a generous dusting of snow this week, generous being around 14". Its steadily been melting with temps reaching the 50s during the day so my guess will be a nice muddy/tacky course tomorrow. Earlier in the week and last week they decided to get a bobcat at literally dig the course out. Should be rad.
Sundays Boulder Cup should also be interesting with Valmont's built in cross features, The Sand Pit, Belgian Steps and the 5280 run up. Peep this of an earlier season race I'm pretty pumped for both races but the change in the weather has done work on my sinuses. We'll see..

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