Frisco CX Report

Frisco, the wonderful land of altitude sits at out 9,000ish feet. So thin air would been an issue. I was there most of the day representing The Pros Closet so I had pretty much the whole day to acclimate myself. It was a beautiful day, mid 70s slightly overcast, hardly Colorado at altitude in October.
The race was put on at the Frisco Nordic Center and they added to the coolness fact by using old ski poles as all and I mean ALL the course markers.Plenty of time to relax before my 4oclock start time.

The course was a mix of long paved climbs, mulch covers single track, gravel/sand pits and some pretty gnarly loose rocky down/up hills.

So... some how or another I managed to crash pretty well going through the series of 5 small telephone pole sized barrier half way through the first lap while I was sitting about 8th. My bike found its way in the center of the course while I was outside the course tape, wtf?! So after the majority of the field had passed I was able to get my bike and continue on. Shit! Chain's off! and I mean off, not even touching my crank, just hanging by the derailleur. It took me a second to get it back on. Once I was up and going I was sitting dead last with probably a minute to the next guy and seeing the SS class rounding the corners behind me. Once I got going I knew I was in for a rough day.

Amazingly the legs answered my call. I was making up ground and doing it fast! I had guys trying to hang onto my wheel on the long paved up hill. After crushing it for about 40 minutes I had clawed my way back to 15th. In my opinion I think I can call that a successful race, the legs and lungs felt good, I was railing turns and clipping back in first attempt. The only thing I could think was, If only...

Now I'm not quite sure what clicked, I can only hope that it will click again.

USGP this weekend in Ft.Collins!

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KindHuman Sports said...

I spent a day in Summit County-Frisco area in late September, 2006. The place had gotten like 26" of snow, something ridiculous. I was driving cross-country and didn't have clothing at the ready to handle the sub-freezing temps that time of year. But, really, probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.