Greenville Cross In the Park #1

Been a somewhat busy cross season here in WNC. We had the Wednesday night training series, and the new Asheville Cyclocross series to keep me busy, as well as the MSG series just over the border to the North in Tennessee. This past weekend was the first race in Greenville of the new Cross In The Park series in Cleveland Park. My kind of course...mix of singletrack and high speed tech stuff with minimal all out power sections. I-9 Drew and Eric from Liberty Bicycles made the trip as well and seeing as how I have raced them a few other times this year I knew it would be tough. Drew was coming off 3 straight wins and Eric is quick Cat 2 that crushed me a few weeks ago at the Pisgah Brewery race. My goal was to get a good start, and then hang on. Little did i know that i would be attacking on the last lap and taking my first win ever.

Start of our race. Only 8 of us, and that quickly whittled down to me, I-9 Drew, Liberty Eric, and 16 year old Charlie Hough.

Coming through a fun little hump on the first lap

Liberty Eric leading us through the singletrack. It was a gradual climb followed by a really fast, fun down hill section (black framed pics courtesy of Brado who was out shooting the race)

Coming through the finish. Note my wife KB wildly clanging her cowbell on stage right! Rode strong and smart but had to use up some luck points...i noticed my rear tire start to steadily lose air about halfway through the race. By the end of the last lap it was rolling all over the place. Afterwards while we sat around and chatted, it gave up and with a little hiss it went completely flat.


brado1 said...

Nice work Spankye. great seeing you down here.

got a ton of pix will send you some good ones, just haven't had time to edit and post..

WV= Swaling

McNasty said...

yea... ive heard the smaisleys took a trip out west but i have never seen proof of said trip.