Double Down

No, not the sandwich. A double day in Pisgah today. Kel's mom was up and we wanted to take her around Bent Creek as she had never ridden off road. Plans were made, bikes were loaded, and we were off.

When we came up to a creek crossing Kel tried to talk her mom into doing it too. First Kel...

Then her mom...

Sike. It was a little intimidating what with slick leaves and rocks. Speaking of leaves, the trails are barely noticeable. Case in point:

After finishing up I decided it was best to spend the rest of the day playing frisbee golf and drinking. I was done with the golf and on the couch with a delicious 1554 black ale and a couple of Dove bites when I remembered I had to pick up our new cat. Yet another stray will be overtaking the garage soon. So I called my buddy Chad to see if they had absconded said cat and when could I come by and pick him up. Oh, you're going on a ride huh? Bent Creek to N Mills River and back huh? Shit. I mean I had to go. How could I pass up such a sweet ride on a Sunday afternoon? And so we began the ride up to Bent Creek gap at the Parkway.

And finally at the gap.

Chad deciding which way to descend. Delicious singletrack was decided upon.

And then the not so bad climb back to the gap and down to the car. A most excellent Fall ride!

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Stumps said...

So I'm cool enough to ride with Colleen but not cool enough to be invited to the after ride or make it into the pictures...thanks.

dwight yoakam said...

nice work on the double down . . . or double up. either way.

tell chad to get some jerseys that fit.