My SC cross report

hi, my name is eric. i enjoy Busch Lite, chips, and finishing near the back of anything cyclocross related. i also enjoy andrea stork's homemade salsa and chad storck's mad tax skillz, but i digress.

i finished near the back again. kyle, will, and kenny won some money. we're pretty much the best team in SC at cross right now.

in more interesting news, will decided being dehydrated, then racing, then bonking, then making cash money, then obliterating a 22(oz.) was a good idea. ken and i found him asleep under the truck. then he woke up and puked. and i heard something about Teenwolf trying a parking lot re-mount and crashing. also, my wife sat in a bed of fire ants. Now to the pictures...

kyle jumping

will jumping. hot technique

suck ass run up

top of suck ass run up

kyle punking will by riding said run up

will punking kyle with his undeniable couth

shit, i can't even come up with anything for this

ball rub and over enthusiastic fan boy creeper

ole kenny

ole me

transfer to frontside

post crash look of dispair

ole kenny on his way to the podium

head down in the caboose of the pain train

over enthusiastic fan boy AGAIN. kyle is my favorite/most loathed heckler

i like cheese!


Bo said...

Great having you guys in Greenville for the races-- thanks for making the trip.

More pictures here:

Greenville Spinners Racing

KB said...

uhh, you forgot to mention your epic wreck spanky! the only reason i remember is because i live with you and you haven't stopped crying about it since saturday.

p.s. will did puke - i saw it come out of his mouth. get better will, more chugging to come this weekend!

dwight yoakam said...

best write up yet. congrats on all fronts. give 'em hell !!!

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

ruthless podium shot

wv: setacc

Spankye said...

yes i whined about crashing my balls off while trying to chase down the leaders. and you haven't stopped talking about your stupid fucking ant bites. burn.