Coming to the rear of a CX4 race near you!

Yes, soon you will be able to marvel at my tremendous beer gut, lack of fitness, and complete lack of cyclocross skills at a race near you. Through a recent series of very complicated transactions I have acquired quite a hot Santa Cruz Stigmata cross bike.


Alpha Q CX20 fork to come and I'm done just in time for the charlotte race next week. Hoff crew should be representin' well!

This bike is complete overkill for me, on a racing level. Hell, I can't even ride in the drops comfortably because of my ginormous gut. But here in Asheville it'll be used more for mixed dirt/pavement riding and some singletrack as well.

Bonus points if you can name that water bottle cage.

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McNasty said...

i take that as a verbal commitment to both be at and race Charlotte. you should also convince you wife to race. no more excuses. also king cage.

Spankye said...


Jason (Jake) said...

Aced on the "king cage" response. Trying to outbling the headset? Are gumwalls making a comeback?

dwight yoakam said...

gumwalls never went out, jakeman

Mister Fahrenheit said...

Eff, third on the King Cage reply! That bike just gave me a pimpgasm.