Charlotte race recap and photo dump

So this past weekend the hoff cross crew (Josh, KB, Eric and myself) made the long strenuous journey to Charlotte for NCCX race #4. Eric and Joshie planned to bust heads in the 4's and i would try keeping up my decent results in the 3's.

My race went pretty horribly. In the starting sprint someone hit the back of my shoe, which on my Lake Mx330 (which i do love, and yes many mistake them for golf cleats) is where my Boa closure is located. The hit resulted in my shoe opening completely and my foot flying out while my shoe stayed attached to my pedal. For those of you that have raced or even seen a cross race you know this was NOT GOOD! So i stopped, ran the next four or five steps up to the top of the hill without a left shoe, put my foot back in, closed it up and went back at it. All the while, 20-30 other racers pass me with ease. So i spend the next lap or two almost time trialing to try and make up time. It was not to be. I ended up a disappointing 25th. I wont tell the tale of the 4's race. I think i see if Joshie or Eric have anything they'd wish to share.
Eric lap #1Eric last lap
The one plus to my day was sweet sweet heckling revenge. This being Eric's first cross race i took the opportunity to do a little friendly encouraging....
Sunday i traveled solo to Salisbury for NCCX race #5. Race prep went well. I showed up early (im talking registration was being set up), warmed up properly, pre-rode the course plenty of times and felt determined. The master race wrapped up and i went out for a last pre ride. When i came around the turn coming out of the woods i saw all the 3's lined up ready to go 20minutes before the scheduled start time (which was new to me). So im now sitting 4th row all the way on the outside. Since i had some time to kill i noticed the racer in front of me had his number on upside down so i decided to help him out. After re-pinning his number, he politely let me in front of him. Sweet! After such a generous act, what do i do? Somehow pull a foot out and miss my other pedal simultaneously!! Great another horrendous start. I was not going to let this happen two days in a row. So once again i began my time trail back through the field, this time being aggressive, taking every opportunity i could to take a spot. I rode pretty well ending up 14th out of 39. I was ok with it but still somewhat disappointed.

This weekend is the SC state Champs. Time to bring the A game and hope that everything comes together. Be on the look out....

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joshie said...

my thoughts on my Charlotte race can best be summarized with 3 simple letters. F CX! definitely not a good day for the Joshie.