SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!! oh yea and Saturday too!!

The 2008 North Carolina Grand Prix of Cyclo Cross comes back to Hendersonville, NC. Will and I along with co conspirators Joshie, Kenny and K Fischer are planning the trip up for a fun filled weekend of racing (for some), heckling (for some), and boosing (for all)! It should prove to be quite the weekend of carnage. Our mission: race well, no vomitting! Make sure to check out the course and a little cool video courtsey of


KB said...
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KB said...

It wouldn't have hurt for you to mention that Mr & Mrs Hoffenchard will be partaking in the weekend shenanigans. We are still invited, aren't we? You might get pretty cold if you have to camp out on the course.

McNasty said...

you know how us youngins are...forgetful. but where would we be with out Ma and Pa Hoff! nowhere, thats where! and freezing out marbles off..